Hungary is situated in central Europe, sharing borders to the north with Slovak Republic, to the northeast with Ukraine, to the east with Romania, to the south with Croatia and Serbia and to the west with Austria and Slovenia. There are several ranges of hills, chiefly in the north and west. The Great Plain stretches east from the Danube to the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, to the mountains of Transylvania in Romania, and south to the Fruska Gora range in Croatia. Lake Belaton is the largest unbroken stretch of inland water in Central Europe.

The city of Budapest conjures up a string of flattering adjectives, dramatic, enchanting, glamorous, magical. It's difficult to decide from which angle the 'Paris of the East' is most breathtaking looking over the majestic river towards the monumental expanse of Pest from the heights of Buda, or rather in the direction of the hills and towers of Buda from Pest down below.